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  • 电视十分有用高考英语满分作文

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    Television Is Helpful

    Television came into being in the 1930s. Since then, millions of children have grown up in front of television sets. Why do people like TV? Because its helpful and has brought about great changes in our daily life.

    TV helps to open peoples eyes. It brings the whole world into our homes. We can know everything in our country and in other parts of the world without leaving home. We can learn things better and more easily on TV than over the radio or in books. They can be heard and watched at the same time.

    TV helps open peoples minds. It always brings new ideas to us.That makes us find new ways to do things better and faster.

    In a word, TV is helpful. It does us lots of good. It is really our good friend.



    电视能开阔人们的眼界,它能把整个世界展现到我们眼前,使我们足不出户就可以了解到国内外的一切事情。看电视比听广播、看书更容易了解事物, 因为人们既能听到声音又能看到图像。


    in 电视

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